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ACFW The Voice of Christian FictionWhat is ACFW?

Today I attend my second annual American Christian Fiction Writers’ (ACFW) National Conference–and I am SOOOOO excited! As you’re reading this, I’m on my way to (or may have already landed in) Dallas, TX, where over 2,000 aspiring and/or published authors will meet for three days of networking, training, and celebrating the very best of Christian fiction.

Not a Rookie Anymore

Last year, everything about the ACFW Conference was new. I was awed and overwhelmed by the quality of training and the caliber of published authors who attended. Liz Curtis Higgs, Julie Klaussen, and Mary DeMuth were just a few of the amazing authors I met and visited with last year. I was a little star-struck all week when Liz Higgs, Tracie Peterson, Teri Blackstock, and others like them walked the halls and chatted with folks as if…as if…well, as if they were normal people.

Hrumph…I discovered they ARE normal people!  🙄

Lots of Folks I Can’t Wait to See…

This year Michael Hyatt will be the keynote speaker, and I’ve signed up for workshops with Davis Bunn, Jim Rubart, Rachel Hauck, and Susan May Warren. A few of my Revell buddies are going to be there, too, and we get to have a special dinner together on Friday evening, so I’ll say “hi” to my Northwest pals, Laura Frantz and Ann Shorey. I’m looking forward to lots of already-scheduled “coffee dates” with my agent, editor, and website design folks. And who knows what unscheduled appointments the Lord has in store? Those are REALLY exciting!

Today’s Question:

If You Could Be at the ACFW Conference With Me…

  • Which Christian fiction author would YOU want to meet? Give me a name, and I’ll try to find him/her!
  • If you could ask your favorite author a question, what would it be?

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  1. I have several that I love but I think I would like to meet Julie Lessman and you. How do you get an idea for a story? What draws you to write about a particular character?

    1. Post

      Hi Deborah!
      I want to meet Julie too! In fact, I’m keeping my eyes open and will try to spot her during the next two days! 😉 To answer your questions: I get ideas for stories in a lot of different ways. Sometimes it’s a Scripture I’ve loved and studied personally for a long time (like the Song of Solomon). Sometimes, I’ve experienced a personal issue and gained some spiritual insight in my own life through a particular Scripture or story–like Job helped me work through my anger and questions during the initial years of chronic illness. I talked about three specific ways I choose a topic in a recent blog post (http://mesuandrews.com/3-ways-i-choose-a-book-topic-idea/), but the thing that draws me to a particular CHARACTER is a little different. I need to be MOVED by their spiritual journey–either a journey that’s specifically outlined in Scripture or that I discover through research. Their relationship with the Lord must rock my world in order for me to write their story with passion. I don’t necessarily experience the exact circumstance or specific lesson, but the concept being taught is something I must internalize before I can write it effectively. I had to resolve MY issue with God’s sovereignty and chronic illness before I could write about Job’s peace. I had to work on MY intimacy issues before I could write about Solomon’s love for a shepherdess. Each book is a mirror of what the Lord is doing in my heart, and I hope it speaks to the hearts of readers just as deeply.

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