Nicknames, Name Changes, & Nightmare Pronunciations

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If you’ve ever read one of my novels, you know they’re filled with difficult-to-pronounce names. I try to extend mercy to my readers by assigning nicknames to the characters, a practice I’ve found nowhere in historical records. But nicknames are something with which modern-day readers are familiar.   My readers also have to keep up with character name changes, sometimes changed by God, other times …

In the Shadow of Jezebel by Mesu Andrews

Uncovering the Book Cover Process

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Last week, you read a devotional written by one of my BFF (Biblical Fiction Fan) team members. This week, I want to show you the kind of preview information my BFF team members receive. The Book Cover The first draft of a book cover usually arrives 8-9 months before the book’s release. The author’s first peek is one of the most exciting–and most …


Meet Obadiah–In the Shadow of Jezebel

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Picture it with me… It’s 12:03am on Monday, March 3rd, and my rough draft was due to arrive in my new editor’s inbox in nine hours. I’d just written the last sentence of my 111,655-word Pharaoh’s Daughter manuscript, and I emailed the final two chapters to my sweet husband for proofreading. This was my third straight night of after-midnight, 20-hour-a-day …

Garrison blocks

Abba’s Help With Release Week

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Have you ever written a book? Or climbed a mountain? Or lost 40+ pounds? Maybe you’ve survived a divorce. Perhaps your spouse died—and your heart kept beating. Have you ever accomplished something, stepped back, and thought—“Wow! I can’t believe I did that!” And then you realize—it wasn’t you at all. You’re filled with the overwhelming realization that if God hadn’t …


Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop

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Welcome to our BFF Scavenger Hunt! We are having a scavenger hunt! Wanna play? I must confess this, this is my first-ever scavenger hunt blog hop… But I’m so excited!!! One of our coordinators, Tina, has done ALL the work–and has done a FABULOUS job! Read the rules and then jump right in! Somewhere in my article below, there is a single word in …